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I wish I didn’t relate to this

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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and I’m like…

…guilty 😞

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Sometimes I really hate how my brain works. The best thing since my daughter was born has occurred: got an official offer for a pretty great job back in Madison so we get to leave Baton Rouge and make a triumphant return. So, AWESOME! However, my brain is dealing with this by manufacturing just heaps of anxiety. The main things I’m worrying about:
1. I was supposed to fill out a complete work history online before my interview with every job I’ve ever had on there. I’m so lazy that I got annoyed with the form and only went back to 2008, leaving out like 3 other jobs I had. So now that I got the job, the offer is contingent on my background check going through, and I’ve been told that it is “very thorough”. So I spend hours each day worrying that when they see those they’ll think I was hiding them and rescind the offer. This is leading me to google cool things like “contingent job offer rescinded” which is a really good use of my time and energy.

The other two main anxiety routines are not specific to the job but are flaring up big time right now:

2. Ceiling fans in the apartment are not securely attached and will fall from the ceiling and hit me in the head. Pulling the cords on any of them is really scary right now. Typing it makes me laugh because it’s so stupid but then every time I look up a a ceiling fan, here comes the anxiety.

3. I have some veneers and crowns on my front top teeth and I’m pretty sure they’re going to break off every time I bite something hard.

So, yeah. Boo to anxiety because it’s super annoying (and depressing if I dwell on it too much) that I can’t just be. happy. about this really excellent news.

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  • Me: I don't eat fish. I just don't like it.
  • People: But you're from Louisiana! Seafood!
  • Me: I don't like it.
  • People: But Louisiana!
  • Me: You do realize that I moved away from there the second I had the chance to?
  • People: Seafood! Louisiana!
  • Me: ...
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i’m not like other girls i am joe biden 47th vice president of the united states of america 

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It’s only Tuesday.


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clunelover replied to your post: “There is a white dude rapping at the union terrace and it is the…”:

It’s my cousin! HAHAHAHA. Yeah.


Good old Cousin Wes. Ah.

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